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Donald H. CarpenterDonald H. Carpenter was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He attended the University of Virginia, and graduated from Kennesaw State University in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He worked for more than twenty years as a certified public accountant in the area of forensic accounting. Now he spends his time writing and researching, traveling and hiking.


Books by Donald H. Carpenter

Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay ShawAt last, a full-length biography of Clay Shaw, the prominent New Orleans man implicated in the assassination of President Kennedy during the investigation by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

This complete account tells the story of Shaw’s life from the beginning, including his early days as a playwright and telegraph employee, his time in New York City in the public relations and theater worlds, his military service during World War II, his spectacular career from the beginning of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans after the war, his private life as a gay businessman and CIA information source, through his arrest, trial, and ongoing litigation that followed him the rest of his life.



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Nashville: The Mood (Part 1)Is Nashville simply Music City? The capital of Tennessee? Or is it something else? A state of mind? A dreamlike landscape? A world of happiness, ordinariness, hypocrisy, vicious gossip, and political skulduggery? Where politics, religion, sex, and crime cross paths in such a way as to be almost indistinguishable? Find out....in this first volume of an enigmatic new series.




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LANNY: A NovelDavid, barely in elementary school when he first meets Lanny, lives in awe of his next door neighbor for close to a decade. Lanny is the mysterious neighbor whom you think you know, but deep down realize you don’t.

Lanny comes and goes at all hours, takes mysterious trips at the drop of a hat, and is gone for months, and even makes the newspapers in an unflattering way. He fills a serious void in David’s life, one that began before David even realized it. Lanny is there before, during, and after David’s own family life begins to pull apart, leading to surprising results. This is their story.





He Knew Where He Was Going (?)Before he was a teenager, James Davidson entered a life of promiscuity and experimentation that continues virtually nonstop for the next thirty years.

He moves from city to city, entering one marriage or relationship and then another, but always keeping a private compartment in his life, away from the view of others, or so he hopes. Well aware of the dangers and pitfalls of such a life, he nonetheless forges ahead, trying new things that seem to happen naturally, and never discouraged by the occasional setback. It is all part of life, he decides over and over. But is it? Is he in fact on a natural course? Or is he is heading for a terrible collision with reality?

Written by Donald H. Carpenter, author of Dueling Voices, 101 Reasons NOT To Murder The Entire Saudi Royal Family, and I Lost It At The Beginning, this new novel explores some of the most controversial areas of private human behavior.



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ISBN: 1-4568-6885-7 (hardcover), 1-4568-6884-0 (paperback)

Dueling Voices - A novel by Donald H. CarpenterChild abuse and its horrifying aftereffects are explored in a path-breaking novel, Dueling Voices.

Perry Hawkins, an advertising executive in his late twenties, narrates a critical week in his life. He discovers an unusual manuscript left behind by his dead father, who perpetrated the abuse upon him. While reading the manuscript, he recalls his early life and reflects upon the causes of his present-day problems.

During the course of a week, he meets a young woman whom he suspects has also been subject to abuse. Their story, along with the disclosures he makes about himself, and the discoveries he makes about his father, are the central subjects of this simply told yet complex story.

Rarely have events of such a sensitive nature been told in such an indirect, ultimately enlightening manner. Some will find the story uplifting, while others will find it curiously downbeat. Only the reader can decide for certain his or her own individual reaction.

Prepare to experience one of the most unique novels to appear in many years. Partly a mystery, partly an examination of a controversial aspect of society, and partly a diary of shocking self-discovery, it fits into no easily definable literary category. It is destined to become one of the most talked-about novels of all time.

This is a revised version of the original edition published in 1993.


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ISBN: 1-4134-7631-7 (hardcover), 1-4134-7630-9 (paperback)

I Lost It At The Beginning byt Donald H CarpenterHomosexuality, family disintegration, interracial sexual awakening, the civil rights movement, and the mysterious Clay Bertrand all come together in the sweeping novel, I Lost It At The Beginning.

12-year old Michael, in many ways a modern-day Huckleberry Finn, tells the story of his life in the year 1966 in an uncharacteristically blunt yet gentle way. His ambivalent feelings toward his father are in stark contrast with his cold dislike of his mother. His outlook toward his closest friend James is of a dual nature: a muted hero-worship counterbalanced by a boiling hatred deep within. His infatuation with Josephine, the family's seductive but forward-looking maid, must be kept hidden from everyone around him, but it is arguably one of the most important events of his life to date.

What is Michael's father's relationship with Mr. Bertrand, the tall polished white-haired man from New Orleans? And what exactly are his mother's feelings towards James, and vice versa? What will happen when the civil rights advocates march through town? And how far will Josephine lead Michael on?

In some ways a microcosm of the 60's, in some ways a journal of painful adolescent psychic growth, I Lost It At The Beginning is a somber, wide-eyed journey the likes of which have never exactly been seen before.


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ISBN: 1-4010-4241-4 (hardcover), 1-4010-4240-6 (paperback)

101 Reasons Not To Murder The Entire Saudi Royal FamilyWas President Bush on the Saudi payroll? Did Osama bin Laden have good orgasms? Is Islam a religion of psychos, or does it represent ultimate truth?

Is cannibalism allowed in Saudi Arabia? How about satellite TV? Caffeine? Titillating literature? Redneck bars?

You may or may not find out the answers to those questions in this book, but what you will find is a spicy ride along on the author's quest: to save the Saudi Royal Family from immediate doom!

Donald H. Carpenter, author of Dueling Voices and I Lost It At The Beginning, refutes 101 reasons why the entire Saudi Royal Family should be eliminated. Taking on both intolerant Americans and fundamentalists Muslims, he courageously, but calmly, answers the multitude of reasons why this family should be done away with - and fast!

Is he persuasive? Will the reader feel his or her murderous impulses blunted and calmed? Only the individual reader can decide, but the fate of world peace could depend on it.


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ISBN: 1-4134-0530-4 (hardcover), 1-4134-0529-0 (paperback)